Resources:The Astrology Chart is a 360 degree wheel that is split into 12 sections of 30 degrees each.   Some of these reproductions are very hard to discern from originals to the inexperienced eye. The burial chamber is also larger and deeper than the surrounding storerooms, and there is no passage to them. 5 quarts, though different types do have varying capacities (McKearin & Wilson 1978). As an example of how a given type of bottle can be used or re-used for a non-type typical product, click on the following links: sunburst with label; close-up of the label 1st base second base dating. , scroll [a grouping of colorful scroll flasks to the above right], sunburst, cornucopia, geometric designs); Masonic; Agriculture, Commerce, and Transportation; and Others (sports, Pike s Peak). economic and social life such as agriculture, transportation, commerce, and even temperance.   Click on the following links for more pictures of this flask: side view, base view, shoulder and neck close-up. glass works as the flask above and is one of the earliest figured flasks dating from between 1815 and 1817 (McKearin & Wilson 1978).   It is machine-made and a commonly encountered style of liquor flask that can date from before, during, and possibly, just after Prohibition (see the Dandy Flasks section later on this page). 2185 from the Reign of Djer This tomb, cleared between 1912 and 1914 and published by Quibell, is attributed to the reign of Djer, but was never considered as a Royal tomb 1st base second base dating. The central chamber appears to have been originally paneled with wood which was inlaid with strips of gold plate.   The diversity of different types of eagles is amazing, ranging from the bold and artistic eagles like shown to the right to stiff and simplistic eagles like shown at this link - Pike s Peak-eagle flask reverse view.   Additional information and estimates are based on the empirical observations of the author over 50 years of experience; this is often but not always noted. They are covered as Group III in McKearin & Wilson (1978).

)  This regulation was repealed in 1964 giving an effective dating tool of 1935 to the mid 1960s for this diagnostic feature (Munsey 1970).   The following sub-categories are taken from McKearin & Wilson (1978) where the historical flasks are covered as all or parts of Groups I, II, X, XII primarily; see pages 440-491 of that reference for much more information. Even now, some work continues in the region of Saqqara, that may someday yield more knowledge about Egypt s earliest historic period.   It is classified as GVIII-10, has a blowpipe pontil scar on the base, globular flare finish (sheared/cracked-off with tooling marks and re-firing), and was produced in a key mold. The superstructure was hollow and was also divided into a series of chambers which contained the less valuable funerary items. 3357, it is more elaborate in design, and the subterranean chambers are hewn considerably deeper into the bedrock. This passage was sealed at intervals by stone blocks.   Most are believed to have been primarily made by various New England glass works. One was usually reserved entirely for the storage of food and another for wine jars stacked in rows and sealed with clay.   It is an almost absolute fact that if an American made liquor bottle is mouth-blown it pre-dates National Prohibition.   There are even a few late 19th century flasks that were produced for Presidential elections (Grover Cleveland, William Jennings Bryan, William McKinley) that are cataloged within this group.   It has a sheared/cracked-off and fire polished straight finish, glass-tipped pontil scar on the base, and was produced in a two-piece key mold.   Colors can vary somewhat widely, though the large majority are in shades of olive green and olive amber, various other true greens, shades of amber, and aqua. Liquor/Spirits Bottles Liquor of all types - bourbon, rye, gin, cognac, scotch, etc.   The pictures on this page show just a small bit of this variety.

It is very possible that they were buried near their kings in order to serve him in death as they did during his life.   This shows an example of this same type sunburst flask that was used (or more likely re-used) for SPTS. As early as 1912, a large, archaic cemetery was known to exist in north Saqqara, though it did not receive any serious attention until 1932, and it was still another twenty years before many of these results were published..
.   Sunburst flasks are among some of the oldest of the figured flasks dating as early as 1812 to 1815 and as late as the 1840s for a few.   It was also made at the same Keene glassworks as the previous flask, though a decade or more later.   These examples help point out the vague line that existed between liquor/spirits and medicinal products during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The pictured flask is one of the Pike s Peak assortment and is classified as GXI-17. her tomb was the last mastaba of the 1st Dynasty the Emery cleared near the eastern escarpment of the necropolis.   Most Masonic flasks have some type of design on the reverse that features an American eagle.   It is classified as GIX-12a in McKearin & Wilson (1978) and has a straight flared finish (sheared/cracked-off with and some re-firing), blow-pipe pontil scar on the base, and was made in a two-piece key mold.   If interested in these types of flasks, refer to McKearin & Wilson (1978) page 436 (part of Group X: Miscellaneous flasks). Nine more labels were found in the burial chamber and a few others in the surrounding underground rooms. Both the mastaba and the funerary temple were contained within an enclosure wall, but note that this tomb has no subsidiary burials belonging to servants or retainers. ..


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